Thank you for coming to visit! I hope that by looking around you can get a little glimpse into my style as well as learn a bit about me. I'm a crazy dog mom to Pearl and Baxter. I'm literally obsessed with my wife, not only is she my best friend but also my business partner and second shooter, more likely than not she will accompany me in our shoot. I'm a extroverted introvert, so I enjoy being couch potato as much as the outdoors, looking for the best spot to catch a sunset. I LOVE inspirational quotes, coffee, laughing, learning new things, watching murder documentaries, listening to audiobooks, Netflix, binging and practicing mindfulness. I am a jack of many trades (just laid some laminate floor myself last week LOL) and enjoy different hobbies which currently include baking cookies and mastering my homeland's cuisine (pupusas anyone??)! 

I am an immigrant and I was born and raised in El Salvador, Spanish is my first language! Aside from El Salvador I've lived in Sacramento as well as San Francisco and I am now settled into the grown up life here in the CapCity. I am an Elementary School Educator and Marriage and Family Therapist. I am in a lifelong journey of growth and self-discovery and photography is a channel for my healing.

I believe in documenting epic love stories, capturing real smiles, and the beauty of everyday life. I love love and I am committed to making photography accessible to everyone. As a queer woman I have a particular interest in helping amplify the narrative around the beauty found in the families of POC (people of color), the LGBTQ community and other marginalized groups .

My hope is that through my photography I can capture genuine, loving, soft, fun, and unique types of love. I want your love to feel bigger than life, and to capture those smiles reserved for those who you love the most. Life is an adventure and I want to help you remember it. It is the fantasy of having those moments captured and hanging on your wall that drives my love for photography.

I can't wait to meet you! Why don't you shoot me a message and let's begin planning an adventure!

Much love,



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My wife and I on our wedding day captured by the talented Cristal Wallin!  12.14.16

My wife and I on our wedding day captured by the talented Cristal Wallin!


First Anniversary photoshoot with Erica B. Cervantez!  2017

First Anniversary photoshoot with Erica B. Cervantez!